Don't Do It alone. Get Some Help.

Don't work on your huge, time-consuming projects by yourself. Don't frustrate yourself when something is not working. Go get some Help. But from where? Stackoverflow, repl talk, github, discord, and assorted coding blogs are all well and good. They answer your questions. They help you out. But they do not provide developer who will actually help you, they just answer your questions. Help is designed to let you find people who are interested in assisting you in your project. To many times coders have to quite, becuase the code is too much. Not Anymore. What is Help?

Find things easily. Just Click "Search"

Help Search is search engine made by @SoJS to make life simpler while on Help. It allows you to quickly specify what you are good at, and enables you to find a plea that sounds interesting, and that you might want to help in.

Profiles New! How Fancy.

Connecting with others and successful coding is once of the main goals of Help. In order to achieve this goal, we have added a new feature, Help Profiles. A Help Profile is assigned to every user upon sign up, and they can veiw it>their username<. But, all profiles are empty upon creation. To fill it, go to your settings, which is found under your username in the navbar. All your pleas are visible their, so people can see what you've been up to. Soon, we will also show which pleas you have joined, to promote connectedness between our users.

WISYWIG Description New! Stunning.

Imaging this: clicking the "new" button, and being greeted with an amazing WISYWIG editor powered by kothing. None of the ugly markdown formatting, but a clean, beautiful text editor, displaying excatly what you want, and what you are going to get. No second guessing yourself "Aren't I supposed to put a space there?".