Hello Everyone!

@SoJS here

While I was making help, I came upon the consistent problem of testing. I knew that I had spelling mistakes and bugs everywhere, but I could not find them. I had become used to the website as it was, accustomed to reading the same text over and over again, avoiding certain links, and all that. But then, I realized I did not want those bugs to appear on my post.

What I did:

I forked Help, and edited a bit of the code and created Test! Test is a webapp much like help, but instead of asking for help, people test out you thing, and submit bug reports, saving you the shame of finding your bugs a bit too late:
"umm, you spelled 'minecraft' mncraft";
"is this meant to happen?: uncaught syntax error: cannot read property "num" of undefined
at runner.repl.it
at parseNums()
at blah blah blah"
Q. Who in their right mind wants those comments?
A. Nobody.
This is why I decided to make Test!
But the problem is that right now test is a carbon copy of help, except that in index.js, all mention of "pleas" are tests, and "notifications" are "testResults".
We gotta fix this.
Whos With me!!!!!
Click join, and I will get back to you!

Need knowledge of:

(Pick one)
  1. Good site design. 
  2. Server management
  3. node.js and express
  4. legal things (TOS and Privacy policies)
  5. Firebase

People Joined:

  • @sojs
  • @RedMan2
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