Hi Guys!

Me again... @sojs.
A year or 2 back I was working on making a replit widget...
I failed utterly and gave up.
Now, I thought to myself, let's actually code that.


I have no idea how to webscrape, and when I try to, I fail...
I need some help with that part of things.....

I have nothing on my repl currently, but will be adding things.
My current idea is both user widgets (displaying profile, upvotes, and maybe with a "large" URL query (like /?large=true) a list of recent posts or comments (maybe ?large=true&comments=true&posts=false?), 
And also a post widget, showing number of comments, author, and things like that.

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Doin this in NODE

- SoJS

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113 days, 10 hours ago

Hey, I've been doing so much web scraping on Replit recently and would gladly help :) Example: [``](


111 days, 17 hours ago

and, also, your API is amazing... i will start making it in a bit, and will add you to the repl. thank you so much!


112 days, 17 hours ago

ya, markdown is on my list


113 days, 10 hours ago

oof, markdown ain't supported


144 days, 15 hours ago

Good Idea!