Hi Guys!

Me again... @sojs.
A year or 2 back I was working on making a replit widget...
I failed utterly and gave up.
Now, I thought to myself, let's actually code that.


I have no idea how to webscrape, and when I try to, I fail...
I need some help with that part of things.....

I have nothing on my repl currently, but will be adding things.
My current idea is both user widgets (displaying profile, upvotes, and maybe with a "large" URL query (like /?large=true) a list of recent posts or comments (maybe ?large=true&comments=true&posts=false?), 
And also a post widget, showing number of comments, author, and things like that.

Join Join Join Join annnnnd..... JOIN!

Doin this in NODE

- SoJS

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1 years, 221 days ago

Hey, I've been doing so much web scraping on Replit recently and would gladly help :) Example: [``](


1 years, 219 days ago

and, also, your API is amazing... i will start making it in a bit, and will add you to the repl. thank you so much!


1 years, 220 days ago

ya, markdown is on my list


1 years, 221 days ago

oof, markdown ain't supported


1 years, 252 days ago

Good Idea!